Assessment Tools

Assessment tools help leaders and organizations have thoughtful and proactive discussions related to a variety of topics and issues.

Each Assessment Tool Package includes one Facilitator’s Guide and 25 copies of the Assessment Tool questionnaire.

ACHIEVE Work Styles Assessment Tool
The ACHIEVE Work Styles Assessment tool identifies four distinct work styles: the “Head,” the “Heart,” the “Gut,” and the “Feet.”

Employee Engagement Assessment Tool
The Employee Engagement Assessment tool is designed to gather focused feedback on issues that affect employee engagement, through analysis of survey results and proactive discussions.

Respectful Workplace Assessment Tool
The Respectful Workplace Assessment tool is designed to generate engaging and proactive discussion within teams about issues of respect in the workplace.


Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment Tool
The Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment tool is designed to generate thoughtful and honest discussions around a team member’s strengths and weaknesses.

Workplace Cultural Health Assessment Tool
The Workplace Cultural Health Assessment is designed to assist organizations in evaluating, understanding, and having conversations about organizational culture.

Workplace Violence Assessment Tool
The Workplace Violence Assessment tool is designed to generate engaging and proactive discussions within organizations about violence prevention.

Assessment tools are intended as a guide to facilitate discussion. The tool is not a scientifically validated instrument. No portion of these forms may be copied, reproduced, or reprinted in any format without express permission from ACHIEVE/CTRI.