How Should a Leader Respond to Bullying?

My 15-year-old daughter recently changed schools, just four weeks into the academic year – not an ideal time to make a change! But, after weeks of tears brought on by bullying behaviour targeted at her, it became clear that leaving was the best option. I’m used to working with issues of bullying and disrespect in workplace settings. At ACHIEVE, we … Read More

Is Enough of Employees Work Meaningful?

In our new book, The Culture Question, my co-authors and I define “meaningful work” as “work that is purposeful and brings satisfaction to employees by drawing on both their abilities and their interests. Meaningful work occurs when purpose aligns with an employee’s interests and abilities” Let’s be honest. We all have some tasks that are “not meaningful” – those that … Read More

Cannabis in the Workplace: What’s the Deal Anyway?

I’m sure that, like me, you have seen many articles and training advertisements about the need to educate yourself and prepare for the legalization of marijuana (for my international readers, I am based in Canada and “weed” became legal here on October 17, 2018). Frankly, the “noise” around legalization has been so loud that I’m just glad the date has … Read More

On Innovation & Failing 49% of the Time

Two girls on a raft

During my childhood, my siblings and I never had a shortage of things to do. We had a garage full of tools and we lived right next to a small wooded area, both of which provided us with ample opportunities to experiment and explore. One spring, we spent days building a raft that we hoped to use in our small … Read More

Hiring Employees for the Right Fit

One of the most overlooked and important aspects of creating a work culture that people like is the impact that new hires have on the workplace. Selecting the right employee who will be a good fit for the office is crucial to maintaining a healthy workplace culture. Unfortunately, too often speed and low costs are seen as an indicator of … Read More

The Case for Organizational Health

Following are some recent comments from our staff about what working in a healthy workplace means to them: “I previously worked in an unhealthy organization and found that regardless of the task I was doing, it was miserable being there.  Happiness at work is not as much about the work as it is about being respected by your co-workers and … Read More