Make Your Leadership Intentional

Make your leadership more intentional, and you will improve your self-awareness, focus and effectiveness. When I use the term intentional, I am referring to the simple process of slowing down and thinking things through before speaking or acting. This is particularly important when it comes to potentially difficult interactions with others or important decisions. In recent months I have focused … Read More

Caring Leadership Makes a Difference

With the January 2017 release of my new book, The Ordinary Leader: 10 Key Insights for Building and Leading a Thriving Organization, the frequency of my speaking events has increased.  One of the things I really enjoy about speaking at so many varied events is getting to hear many different stories of people’s experiences at work. Most recently, I gave … Read More

The Millennial Question

I recently gave a keynote on the topic of employee engagement. After my presentation, I was asked the following question, “What strategies do you use to motivate millennials?” I paused for a moment to gather my thoughts and then responded, “I believe all this debate about millennials is overblown. I motivate millennials in the workplace the same way I motivate … Read More

The Art of Productivity

We are all busy. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear the phrase, “I’m so busy,” from someone. It seems that there is never enough time to do everything we have to get done. As the days, weeks, and years go by, our to-do lists get longer, not shorter. Most of us are overwhelmed by the feeling that … Read More

Building Passion in Employees

Far too many people lack passion for their work. There are employees who feel trapped, are bored, or simply hate their jobs. Because of this, the organizations they work for can only achieve so much. These employees become stuck and are limited by their lack of passion. Without passion, employees will not sustain the energy and focus necessary to help … Read More

The Lost Art of Thinking

In the various places I have lived or visited frequently, I’ve always had my spots where I go for solitude – the special places I go by myself to sit and reflect. Solitude is important because it is only when we are alone, with the quietness of our inner thoughts, that we can find the space to truly focus. I … Read More

2 Insights for Better Meetings

Meetings are frequently mentioned in my conversations with leaders as a source of frustration and a barrier to productivity. Meetings do take time, and sometimes it feels like that time is wasted. However, meetings are essential for sharing information, making decisions, and fostering innovation. We can’t get rid of meetings; they are here to stay. But we can reduce the … Read More

10 Leadership Book Recommendations

Limiting my number of book recommendations to a list of ten has been an interesting exercise. There are more that I could add to the list, but these are the ones that have inspired me most to think differently and grow as a leader. I have read these books over the past decade. It’s important to note that my state … Read More

The Case for Organizational Health

Following are some recent comments from our staff about what working in a healthy workplace means to them: “I previously worked in an unhealthy organization and found that regardless of the task I was doing, it was miserable being there.  Happiness at work is not as much about the work as it is about being respected by your co-workers and … Read More

5 Keys to Leading Innovation

As children, my siblings and I never had a shortage of ideas, and many of them were actually implemented in some form or another.  If an idea didn’t pan out, we would move on to the next one.  Being curious and creative was natural for us.  If we had an idea, we would pursue it.  There was no second guessing, … Read More