Hiring a Great Team

Organizations are who they hire. Whether an organization succeeds, or even survives, ultimately comes down to the talent and culture fit of the people who work there. Acquiring key talent has momentous consequences, and as leaders it is our responsibility to ensure that hiring is done well. While we don’t need to participate in every hiring decision, we do need to recognize the importance of talent and lay the framework for how new people are brought into the organization.

Too often, speed and cost are considered the most important indicators of a successful hiring process. Yet, the hiring of new employees needs to be much more thoughtful and intentional than simply finding adequate people to fill jobs as quickly or cheaply as possible. When efficiency is the barometer of success, poor decisions are often made. Quality and fit are more important than speed and cost.

This presentation will provide you with new insights and strategies for hiring the right people for your team.

Target Audience: Leaders and Human Resource Professionals

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  • Nature of organization (Small not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous communities are sometimes eligible for a reduced rate.)

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