Take a Break – It’s Good for Business

I’m writing this blog on my return flight from Orlando. I was on a week-long vacation in which my family and I visited my parents and siblings, sat by the pool, read, and yes, for one last time (I hope), went to Disney World.

Over the years, I have learned that vacations are crucial to my ability to lead our organization. For one, I return to work energized, excited, and focused – ready to get back to work and tackle projects and goals. But most importantly, slowing down and just being allows me time to think, particularly about big issues affecting our organization.

While I’m at work for weeks on end, I am too often running from one meeting, project, or deadline to the next, and put off taking the time necessary to just think and consider some of the larger issues impacting our organization. If I am struggling with a decision, I will often put it off until my next vacation because I will be better able to consider things.

My most recent vacation provided the opportunity I needed to consider an issue I have been struggling with for months, and I am returning with clarity about what needs to be done. I am now ready to act with decisiveness, rather than putting things off any longer or making the wrong decision.

An important part of any leader’s job should be to take enough time to think. Many of us are in leadership positions because we have demonstrated our ability to act, but that often comes at the expense of thinking. Taking the time to truly think and reflect on major decisions is one of the most important things we can do. So, if you haven’t done so in a while, take a break it’s good for business.

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Randy Grieser, CEO, Author, Speaker

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