A New Manager’s First Task

My wife and I have a handful of restaurants that we regularly enjoy, but there’s one in particular that we go to at least once a month. Over the years, we’ve gotten to know one of the servers very well and consider her a friend – we even socialize with her outside of the restaurant. We have always really liked … Read More

Responsive Leadership – Be Available

Recently a friend of mine was complaining about her boss’s habit of taking several days, or sometimes a week, to respond to email queries or meeting requests. Like many employees, my friend appreciates her independence and values autonomy, but she sometimes runs into an issue that requires her boss’s input. However, their unresponsiveness makes her feel like her work isn’t … Read More

Micromanaging Is Underrated

After reading former Disneyland CEO Robert Iger’s book, The Ride of a Lifetime, I was struck by a phrase he references: “Micromanaging is underrated.” It was often used by his predecessor, Michael Eisner, and Iger describes how Michael had the ability to see things others didn’t. And when he noticed these things, he demanded they be paid attention to. It … Read More