I’m Not Your Therapist!

When I speak and write about the role of leadership I often talk about the importance of caring leadership.  I believe that the best leaders care about their employees. And that among other things, they are supportive in times of personal, health and family crisis. However, this does not mean that I am my employees’ therapist! A regular question I … Read More

The Great Motivator – Meaningful and Challenging Work

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I believe the majority of employees desire to have meaningful and challenging work as a part of their normal job activities. Having some level of difficulty in their work is preferable to the boredom of an unchallenging job. As a leader I am very aware that employees having work that brings them satisfaction is not only a great motivator, but … Read More

Losing Productivity? Grab It Back!

Have you ever found yourself reaching a good, productive rhythm at work, only to see it slip away again under daily and weekly pressures? Since my concussion two years ago I have struggled to be as productive as I once was.  Sure, I still get a lot of work done – After all, I did write a book while recovering … Read More

What’s Your Purpose? Communicate it!

What is your organization’s purpose? Sometimes when I ask people what the purpose of their organization is, they struggle to articulate anything meaningfully.  Many will go to their smartphone and try to find some sort of purpose on their website – that may or may not be there. The importance of developing a clear organizational purpose has been written about … Read More

Encouragement – Moving Beyond “Good Job”!

I have never been good at giving the “you’re doing a great job” type of encouragement to my staff.  Don’t get me wrong, I do realize that encouragement is valued, and that to sustain a productive and innovative culture, leaders must give encouragement. When there is a lack of encouragement, employees wonder if they are valued, and may question if … Read More

A Great Place to Work – Beyond the Foosball Table

Most of us are familiar with stories of some of the Great Places to Work – the Googles of the world, with their complimentary food courts, massage and foosball tables.  The hope is that these extra perks will help make them a great place to work.  And as a result, they are more likely to attract and keep talented employees … Read More

Make Your Leadership Intentional

Make your leadership more intentional, and you will improve your self-awareness, focus and effectiveness. When I use the term intentional, I am referring to the simple process of slowing down and thinking things through before speaking or acting. This is particularly important when it comes to potentially difficult interactions with others or important decisions. In recent months I have focused … Read More

Caring Leadership Makes a Difference

With the January 2017 release of my new book, The Ordinary Leader: 10 Key Insights for Building and Leading a Thriving Organization, the frequency of my speaking events has increased.  One of the things I really enjoy about speaking at so many varied events is getting to hear many different stories of people’s experiences at work. Most recently, I gave … Read More

The Millennial Question

I recently gave a keynote on the topic of employee engagement. After my presentation, I was asked the following question, “What strategies do you use to motivate millennials?” I paused for a moment to gather my thoughts and then responded, “I believe all this debate about millennials is overblown. I motivate millennials in the workplace the same way I motivate … Read More

The Art of Productivity

We are all busy. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear the phrase, “I’m so busy,” from someone. It seems that there is never enough time to do everything we have to get done. As the days, weeks, and years go by, our to-do lists get longer, not shorter. Most of us are overwhelmed by the feeling that … Read More