A Culture of Productivity

creative coworkers discussing and brainstorming together on project details

At ACHIEVE, one of our core values is Productivity – We work hard and get things done. We believe core values are those things that truly define and differentiate one’s organization. On the surface, productivity may seem like an obvious attribute that all organizations should strive for, even something that should be expected and need not be said. However, we … Read More

Motivation 101

We observe motivation and engagement in organizations where people are willing to use discretionary time, energy, and brain power to go above and beyond what is necessary. When we hear phrases like, “I was just thinking about how we could improve…” or, “I had an idea about how we could do this quicker…,” we are witnessing motivation. We see engagement … Read More

Leadership’s Influence on Culture

group of work colleagues having meeting in an office lobby

The influence leaders have on organizational culture cannot be overstated. Leadership and organizational culture are intricately connected. And this connection has enormous significance in helping establish, sustain, and (if needed) change organizational culture. Leaders play a crucial role in shaping the way employees think and behave – which ultimately influences culture. In short, we set the tone for culture. The … Read More

Unleash Employees’ Hidden Talents

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At ACHIEVE and CTRI our interview process for new hires has been refined and crystallized so that we can pinpoint with great accuracy whether someone is a fit for both our culture and the specific tasks we need them to do. When we hire someone, they have demonstrated in their interview that they can fit our culture and have the … Read More

Communicate Your Organization’s Purpose

group of office workers meeting to discuss ideas

It’s not enough to have a mission or a vision statement. It’s not enough to post these statements on the walls. And it’s not even enough to periodically read these statements aloud. Our purpose, our reasons for being, our “why” must be something we focus on daily. Organizations that thrive do so largely because their employees believe in the purpose … Read More

Keep Work Meaningful & Challenging

While it is rarely possible to find a job where every aspect of what one does brings satisfaction, I do believe it is important that everyone who works in our organization have some tasks they enjoy doing. As an organization, we are committed to helping all employees find enough elements of meaningful and challenging work that they feel satisfied and … Read More

What If Your Organization Didn’t Exist?

Would anyone care – would anyone be upset or saddened if your organization didn’t exist? Is what you do important and meaningful enough that there would be an emotional reaction from your clients to news that you are no longer here? Is there anything about what you do that is so unique and special that it would be missed dearly? … Read More

Leadership Lessons From My Children’s Coaches

blurred image of coach is coaching children training in soccer team

When considering the topic of leadership, I often find it helpful to look outside my own realm of influence, and consider the impact of leadership in other disciplines. As I am currently in the stage of life where my children are heavily involved in athletics, I have been closely paying attention to the impact and influence different coaches have on … Read More

The Problem with “Old School” Managers

Early in my career I worked for a manager who clearly embodied an “old school” management style. He was full of bravado and was intentionally intimidating. He was a terrible listener and would yell frequently in an attempt to get desired action and results. Initially it was exciting to be around him; in some strange way I found him inspiring. … Read More

Don’t Judge My Bathroom Breaks!

For research into writing a new book about organizational culture, I asked several of my staff why they liked where they work. Their responses were positive, and ranged from liking the people they work with to appreciating that leadership involves employees in decision making. The most surprising response? “I like that I’m not judged for when I go to the … Read More