Don’t Blame the Lettuce

Just like a gardener who knows not to blame their lettuce for failing to thrive, great leaders know that it’s the conditions of their workplace that affect how their people perform and grow. Inspired by his book, Don’t Blame the Lettuce: Insights to Help You Grow as a Leader and Nurture Your Workplace Culture, this presentation explores a variety of insights that will help you nurture a healthy workplace culture. The common theme of this presentation is people and relationships. Although vision, strategy, and innovation are important, you will learn that you must first focus on people to be productive and thrive as an organization.

Some of the Themes Included:

  • Tend to Your Garden
  • Characteristics of a Healthy Workplace
  • Take a Look in the Mirror
  • Have a Meaningful Purpose
  • What Behaviours Are Expected
  • A Leader’s Impact on Culture
  • Let’s Be Friends
  • Manage Toxicity Quickly
  • Water, Weed, and Reap the Benefits

Target Audience: Leaders and human resource professionals

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