Intentional Leadership – Learn, Grow, Thrive

Being an effective leader requires us to be thoughtful and intentional about what we do and how we do it – it takes time and requires work. Taking the time to intentionally think about leadership may not get the attention it warrants, yet it is one of the most important things we can do to raise the performance of both ourselves and our organization. This presentation will help leaders fine-tune their leadership philosophy, and focus in on parts of their own leadership that need further development. Drawing from his books, The Ordinary Leader: 10 Key Insights for Building and Leading a Thriving Organization and Don’t Blame the Lettuce: Insights to Help Your Grow as a Leader and Nurture Your Workplace Culture, Randy will provide practical strategies to support ongoing leadership development. This presentation will challenge you to think critically about your own approach to leadership, and help you develop unique insights that will strengthen your abilities as a leader.

Some of the Themes Included:

  • What Defines a Leader
  • Your Philosophy of Leadership
  • Authoritative Versus Relational Leadership
  • The Impact of Different Styles
  • Leading with Passion
  • How to Develop as a Leader
  • Learning from Others
  • How to Address Weaknesses
  • Ongoing Leadership Development

Alternative Titles: Leaders Don’t Arrive – Leadership Development Insights
Target Audience: Leaders

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