Promoting Employee Engagement

When employees are not actively engaged at work, not only do they suffer – the organization does as well. Workplaces with high levels of engagement have employees that are committed and feel a connection to the organization. Engaged employees are willing to use discretionary time, brainpower, and effort beyond what is expected of them. They know their work is connected to more than some external reward. A paycheck does matter, but it is the by-product of engagement, not the source. Drawing from his books, The Ordinary Leader and The Culture Question, Randy will share what he’s learned about employee engagement from his own experience. This presentation presents unique insights for increasing engagement and will challenge participants to think critically about their own approach to employee engagement.

Some of the Themes Included:

  • Employee Engagement Defined
  • The Three Levels of Engagement
  • Traditional Views About Engagement
  • Unintended Consequences of Punishments and Rewards
  • New Views About Engagement
  • Focus on Leadership and Culture
  • Characteristics of Highly Engaged Workplaces
  • Six Crucial Keys Required for Engagement

Alternative Titles: Employee Engagement – Insights & Strategies
Target Audience: Leaders and Human Resource Professionals

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