Trauma-Informed Workplace Assessment

  • Instructions:

    Respond to each of the following statements, rating each on a scale of 0 to 4. A 4 indicates you strongly agree with the statement; a 0 indicates you strongly disagree with the statement.

  • 0 - Strongly disagree1 - Disagree2 - Neutral3 - Agree4 - Strongly agree
    My organization offers educational opportunities for learning about trauma.
    Awareness of trauma is reflected in the mission, beliefs, and values of my workplace.
    People who work in my organization understand how trauma impacts others.
    I feel comfortable talking about trauma in my workplace.
    My organization has policies that convey an awareness of trauma.
    People in my workplace understand how flight, fight, and freeze responses can influence behaviour.
    My organization translates awareness of trauma into action.
    People in my workplace convey empathetic curiosity rather than judgement towards those who are experiencing trauma.
    My organization maintains a high standard of physical safety.
    My organization maintains a high standard of psychological safety.
    My workplace cares about the well-being of both staff and clients.
    I trust that leaders in my organization will make good decisions about safety at work.
    Staff and clients in my organization know they can offer feedback and it will be taken seriously.
    When appropriate, decisions in my workplace are made collaboratively.
    In my organization, a diversity of perspectives is encouraged.
    My workplace offers staff choices about the way work is done.
    My organization embraces individual differences as a strength.
    My workplace affirms the strengths and resilience of staff and clients.
    My organization uses language that affirms the whole person, not just their problems and symptoms.
    Healthy relationships between staff exist in my workplace.