2 Keys When Giving Affirmations

My direct reports will rarely hear multiple “Yay for you!” declarations weekly, monthly, or even yearly. It’s not that I don’t think validation and affirmation are important – it just doesn’t come naturally to me. I lean towards the mindset that employees should assume everything is going well unless they hear otherwise. Of course, when I analyze this belief, I … Read More

Lessons Learned From Our Leadership Transition

I am no longer the CEO of the company I founded close to 15 years ago. Earlier this month, we announced that I would be stepping into my new role of Chief Vision Officer and our Managing Director, Eric Stutzman, would become our CEO. With this change, he will provide regular support to the rest of our leadership team and … Read More

Why I Support the Anti-Racism Movement

Last week I was driving home and saw a lone teenage protestor holding a sign in support of the anti-racism movement. Upon seeing her, I had an immediate feeling of solidarity – I only wish I would have been bold enough to stop the car and say so. I was inspired by the site of a young teenage girl who … Read More

Leading With a Sense of Urgency

Due to the impact of COVID-19, in the last several months I have been leading with a heightened sense of urgency. However, this isn’t entirely new for me as I have always lived my life with a level of urgency. As a teenager, I was antsy to leave home to go to university, and by my second year I was … Read More

Building Resilient Organizations

For businesses and organizations that survive the impact of COVID-19, resilience is a required attribute. The definition of resilience is “the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.” Right now, we are all in “difficult conditions” – I know my organization is, and I’m sure yours is too. Whether we come out of this intact or not will … Read More

Wanted: Trauma-Informed Leadership

As we lead our organizations through the COVID-19 crisis, most of us are making decisions and communicating at a higher frequency than normal. When leaders fail to consider the impact of trauma when doing these things, we risk impacting employees in negative and sometimes harmful ways – words or decisions that are meant to inspire may actually deflate instead. This … Read More

Culture Matters Now More Than Ever

During the current COVID-19 crisis, “How are you doing (as an organization)?” is a common question I receive from colleagues, friends, and clients. It’s asked in a genuine spirit of caring and concern. Given that most people are used to hearing how bad things are from leaders of other organizations, my response of, “We are doing pretty good actually,” typically … Read More

How to Communicate in a Crisis

I have been communicating a lot over the last two weeks – with our leadership team, with our staff, and with our clients. The disruption COVID-19 has made to our business, and the speed of decisions we as an organization have made as a result is unprecedented. As a training organization, we are in the business of bringing people together … Read More

Always Be Five Minutes Early

One of the sayings I have always resonated with is, “If you’re five minutes early, you’re already ten minutes late.” When my wife and I are meeting friends for supper, I’m worried about being late, so we try to leave in time to be there early. Part of what drives my need to be early is an enormous sense of … Read More

The Art of Prioritizing

For those of you who have been reading my blog regularly or have read my book, The Ordinary Leader, you know that I have been dealing with post-concussion symptoms for a long time. A few weeks ago, I hit my head again. It was a silly incident that shouldn’t’ have happened – I hit my head on a door in … Read More