Building Passion in Employees

Far too many people lack passion for their work. There are employees who feel trapped, are bored, or simply hate their jobs. Because of this, the organizations they work for can only achieve so much. These employees become stuck and are limited by their lack of passion. Without passion, employees will not sustain the energy and focus necessary to help their organizations truly succeed and make a difference.

Having passion as a leader is one thing, but inspiring passion in your employees is another altogether. Employees will not automatically be passionate about the work they do. Perhaps for a short time they will, but if you are aiming for long-term engaged passion, you need to be intentional about providing inspiration.


Too often I have worked with organizations whose leaders have a clear idea of how they make a difference, but they have kept this information to themselves. They haven’t shared and talked with their staff about why and how the organization makes a difference. Think about it: Do your employees know why your organization exists? Do they know how your organization makes a difference?

Employees expect leaders to be passionate, and if you are not, why would they be? To inspire passion in employees, leaders must be vocal and excited about why the organization matters, and employees need to see and hear that their leaders are passionate about this. In turn, employees will become more passionate.

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Randy Grieser, Author & Speaker

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